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Updated: Jan 11

Why should we Garden? | Living in Wellness GAPS Gardening

Let’s first start off with ‘What is gardening?’ … The act of gardening is defined as the growing of plants, and the tending to the plants, for the benefit of producing edible crops, medicinal plants or ornamental plants!

- Ornamental Plants –

Ornamental plants are primarily grown for their aesthetic beauty and scent. These would be considered as flowers, shrubs/bushes, etc. These plants can help to attract beneficial bees/bugs and enhance the surrounding area!

- Medicinal Plants -

These types of plants have therapeutic properties and can help alleviate certain ailments naturally. The stems, leaves, flowers or berries can be harvested to capture and utilize their medicinal characteristics.

- Edible Crops ­-

These are crops grown for the purposes of human consumption. This would include vegetables, herbs, fruit, etc. It is believed that growing your own food is highly satisfying and rewarding!

Now that we understand the different types of plants we can grow in our garden, let’s get into why we should garden…

At the 2023 GAPS* OnCon, Dr. Natasha said “We encourage people to produce their own food when possible. Have your own gardens! Grow your own vegetables. Grow your own spices”. For GAPSters, it is important to avoid agricultural chemicals, GMOs, etc. that contribute to health issues. Many GAPSters find healing by simply eliminating commercially available produce from their diet and instead focus their efforts on consuming homegrown food that has no chemicals or GMOs.

Garden because you want better health! Let your homegrown food be your medicine!

Sometimes, it is of equal benefit to grow your own medicinal herbs for your GAPS* journey. There are many herbs that offer therapeutic benefits for specific GAPS* common issues. By growing your own herbs, it also ensures that you avoid, or minimize, your exposure to chemicals in your medicine cabinet!

Additionally, the act of gardening has many emotional and mental therapeutic benefits in itself! It connects you with nature! It can be calming and relieve stress! It gives you purpose! It gives you something to look forward to! And the list can go on-and-on!

Considering all the advantages noted above, start your GAPS* Garden today and see where it takes you on your GAPS* journey!

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