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Updated: Jan 11

Who is gardening suited for? | Living in Wellness GAPS Gardening

Gardening is not suited for everyone... But if you are reading this blog that means your interest has been peaked to see if you could garden yourself! So let’s look at ‘Who is gardening suited for?’…

  • If you can find space on your property, or on someone else’s property, to plant a garden, then you have the space to start a garden!

  • If you have some extra cash to buy gardening supplies in order to start a small garden, then you have the financial ability to start a garden!

  • If you have 1 hour (or less) every 1-3 days to tend to a garden, then you could maintain a garden during the growing season!

  • If you want to stop purchasing food, and instead love the idea of growing your own food, then you have the enthusiasm to start growing food to eat!

  • If you are a patient person, then you will enjoy the anticipation of what the garden will grow! If you are an impatient person, then you will be challenged with watching it grow at a slow pace!

  • If you enjoy learning, then there is an endless amount of learning you can do when you become a gardening! Learning never stops, even after you’ve been gardening for some time!

  • If you enjoy pitter-pattering around, then there is always something to tinker around with in the garden! You will definitely enjoy devoting time to tending to the garden!

If by this point you are still interested, then try gardening! You don’t have much to lose if you start off small and do a trial-run this year!

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