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Where can I grow my own food? | Living in Wellness GAPS Gardening

Where can I grow my food? Wherever there is soil & there is space! Simple answer, but let’s explore this further…

- Space Considerations -

You can grow within your backyard, the front yard, on your rooftop (if it’s flat), within community gardens, on other people’s property that they rent out, within the indoors near a window (if there is enough light), etc. There are many possibilities as to where you can grow. Look around at what you have available to you!

Check out the blog on Inspiring Gardens to see how others are growing in their areas that they have available to them.

- Soil Placement -

You can essentially grow plants wherever you can place soil. Here are some examples:

  • In the ground

  • Within raised beds

  • Within containers - whatever you can put soil into! Like pots, Tupperware, coolers, pails, fabric bags, wood crates, etc. People get really creative with this!

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