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Technical Issues
Technical Issues

Technical issues may arise from time to time as the website undergoes improvements and changes. Sometimes these issues are outside the control, and awareness, of Living in Wellness Coaching Services. Please try the troubleshooting tips noted below and if the problem still persist, please email with the details of the technical issue so that the issue can be looked into.

Here are some simple troubleshooting tips you can try prior to emailing Living in Wellness Coaching Services:

  • Refresh the webpage. Living in Wellness Coaching Services will publish updates and sometimes refreshing the webpage will resolve the issue.

  • Try using a different web browser.

  • Try using incognito mode in your web browser.

  • Restart your digital device and install current updates.

  • Reset your router (by unplugging the power chord for 1 minute).

  • Clear your cookies and cache (use an online search engine to learn how to do this in your current web browser).

  • If you never accepted the Cookies policy, try accepting it to see if the issue gets resolved.

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