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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Why am I struggling to transition onto GAPS? | Living in Wellness GAPS Blog

There are many potential reasons that could be contributing to your struggle to transitioning onto GAPS*. Some common ones are listed below:

  • Time commitments

  • Difficulty changing routines

  • Overwhelm with information

  • Withdrawal from non-GAPS* foods

  • Die-Off

Living in Wellness Coaching services recognizes these difficulties and understands your concerns. Let’s look at these in a little more detail and see how a Certified GAPS* Coach (CGC) can offer support in all areas.

Time Commitments - There is only so much time in one day and we fill up that time with the most important tasks and commitments. It’s understandably difficult to try to find more time in a jam-packed schedule! A Certified GAPS* Coach, that has been practicing GAPS* for a long time, can offer time saving measures to simplify and reduce time commitments required.

Difficulty Changing Personal Routines - Overall “change” is difficult and uneasy for everyone. Until it becomes repetitive and routine in our daily lives, there will always be a struggle to adapt to “change”. And let’s also remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s more than okay if change happens over an extended period of time, adapting little-by-little as it feels comfortable. A Certified GAPS* Coach can help you through all the “changes“ that occur while transitioning onto GAPS*.

Overwhelming Quantity of Information - Let’s not kid ourselves… There is just simply too much information when it comes to the GAPS* Protocol! It can become overwhelming learning and remembering all of it! Living in Wellness Coaching Services is working on offering condensed versions of the information and placing it in one location.

Withdrawal from non-GAPS* Foods - In today’s society, we are addicts. We love our carbohydrates, sugar, coffee, processed foods, etc. If we try to cut them out cold-turkey, we go into withdrawal and we become cranky moody hungry individuals. This is completely understandable and relatable! Living in Wellness Coaching Services can offer tips and tricks to deal with the cravings and withdrawal. Don’t let this stop you from transitioning onto GAPS* until you’ve tried some recommendations and suggestions.

Darn Die-Off Symptoms - If you haven’t already heard of die-off, it’s where the pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria die and create unpleasant symptoms in out bodies. Symptoms can range from brain fog, anger, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, etc. Sometimes die-off is so extreme, it can make you want to quit and give up! But there are suggestions to remedy die-off and make it more manageable. Don’t let die-off stop you! Book a consultation with a Certified GAPS* Coach to prepare and incorporate the die-off remedies.

If any of this resonates with you and your current GAPS* journey, don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. Living in Wellness Coaching services is here to assist you and help you through it. Suffering is not pleasurable, nor productive in the long run.


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