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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Enema... Eww, what for? | Living in Wellness GAPS Blog

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to unclog the bathtub drain with a little bit of Drano? Quick, easy and cheaper than calling the plumber, right?!?! Imagine that our bowels are similar to the piping hidden within the walls. When we are constipated, our internal piping is clogged and backed up. The drainage system is unable to empty fast enough! Now imagine that an enema cleanse works the same way as Drano, it clears the system quick, easy and without the need to call the doctor or run to the pharmacy for Ex-lax!

Enemas have become taboo and unpopular in today’s society. Mentioning the word “enema” is uncomfortable and would make you seem out of place in front of your friends or family members. And if possible, you’d rather avoid the idea of performing an enema until you’re forced to do one or you’re desperate. But it is time to bring them back! Enemas are safe and extremely beneficial when done in combination with the GAPS* Protocol! Anyone can benefit from them, whether you’re constipated or not! See below for a list of benefits:

  • Relieves constipation. Yippie!!! Finally, some relief and less time spent on the toilet straining to push the smallest turds out!

  • Removes desiccating compacted fecal matter from the colon which may prevent fresh long slender snake-like poop in the toilet bowl during a bowel movement (also known as fecal compaction with over-spill in Dr. Natasha’s book). No more poop-cream sundaes for the toilet!

  • Kills off and removes bad yeasts, fungi, worms, parasites, etc. Who wants to have these in their gut in the first place? These bacteria can cause psychological and emotional issues while they still live and thrive in your microbiome.

  • Potentially relieve bloating and flatulence at the time they are occurring.

  • Potentially alleviate mood swings and toxic thoughts that happen leading up to (and during) the Full Moon & the female menstrual cycle.

  • There are multiple enema variations to address different issues: meat stock enema for nourishment, garlic enema for worms, probiotic enemas for repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria, etc.

  • Coffee enemas have the potential to jolt your detoxification system into high gear, speeding up and removing the toxins from the body. Some people have reported the following effects after performing a coffee enema: receding migraine or headache, better eyesight, heightened sense of smell, improved mood, and others.

Hopefully, this list gets you a little curious to see what benefits you could experience from performing an enema! Although you probably still have hesitations and first-time jitters making the commitment. And that’s okay! Plus, it’s completely normal to feel scared; we’re talking about something that is completely new and unknown. For most, its unchartered waters, going into places that we never have dared to explore! It’s only natural to want to have some support and reinforcement with making the commitment to perform one.

If you’re already performing enemas, but have encountered some issues or need some further guidance with troubleshooting, book a Coaching Session to address your questions and concerns.


Note: Read more about enemas in Dr. Natasha’s latest baby blue book, Gut and Physiology Syndrome (p.377-385).

For additional information on enemas, check out this podcast episode: The GAPS 101 – Let’s Talk About Enemas hosted by Monika Holland at

Enema Masterclass for both beginners & advanced. Learn how to perform basic cleansing enemas and coffee enemas. Click HERE for the affiliate link.

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