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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Elimination Diet | Living in Wellness GAPS Blog

The principle behind elimination diets is that you remove hard to digest foods for a temporary period of time. The purpose is to alleviate the body so it can then repair itself during this elimination period. After sufficient abstinence, you reintroduce the food to see if ample repair has occurred in order to digest the food. Some of the most popular elimination diets are noted below:

Technically, GAPS* is an elimination diet… GAPS* eliminates the following:

  • Processed foods & processed sugar/carbohydrates

  • Starchy vegetables (eg. potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.)

  • Environmental & food-related toxins

  • On the GAPS* Introduction Diet, lower Intro Stages eliminate foods high in carbs/sugar/starch/fiber, while the upper Intro Stages reintroduce these foods as the body progresses through its healing journey.

If we talk specifically about the popular elimination diets listed above, these diets fail to indicate what you can do to further assist the body with repair and healing during this elimination period. They rely on the body’s natural ability to self-heal itself over an extended period of time. But what about the resources that we can provide the body to speed up the recovery process? There has got to be specific nutrients we can feed ourselves to fuel our healing journey, right?

Here is the difference between GAPS* and other elimination diets. GAPS* further assists the body’s natural healing process by including the following items noted below. As indicated above, other elimination diets do not provide any further direction or instructions on how to assist the body.

  • Incorporating meat stock to heal and seal the gut.

  • Introducing beneficial bacteria to assist the microbial community that performs the healing process.

  • Consuming nutrient dense foods to provide the body with sufficient resources for it to perform the repair job (Click HERE to see the Nutrient-Dense GAPS* Foods).

I’m not here to disrespect the other popular elimination diets, there are definitely benefits to be seen. I solely want to point out the added advantages of GAPS*. If you wanted to stick with your current elimination diet and incorporate some of the GAPS* regime, then that would be very interesting to see the benefits that come about!

I always like to promote exercising freedom of choice when it comes to dieting. Whatever dieting commitment you want to make is potentially much better, and healthier, than no diet commitment at all. So if you want to reach out to me for a Free 30-Minute Discovery Session, I’d be happy to connect and discuss this dieting topic further with you and how GAPS* can play a part in your dieting regime!


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