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Class #8

21-Day Mealtime Management Techniques

About the Class

Living in Wellness Coaching Services provides step-by-step support with preparing for the 21-Day Mealtime Management Techniques. Perfect for families wanting to transition their PICKY-EATERS onto the GAPS* Protocol.

Included features:

  • Gain knowledge about the Mealtime Management Techniques and the preparations required to implement them.

  • Understand the list of GAPS* foods required for the transition and the sequence in which you’ll feed your picky-eater the foods.

  • Familiarize yourself with practical issues that may arise during the first 21 days and how to prepare for them.

  • Gain motivation to move ahead with the transition and feel more confident doing so.

  • Informational content available to you: Handouts to explain the mealtime management techniques. Questionnaires to get you thinking about all that is required when going through the transition. And a final checklist to ensure you are ready and fully stocked up to make the transition.

  • By the end of the online class, the intent is that… You will feel less fearful of transitioning your child, or children, onto the GAPS* Protocol. You will feel more confident in executing the steps and techniques required for the transition. And you will feel better prepared when you make the final transition.


Your Instructor
Tania Macijuk

Certified GAPS* Coach and founder of Living in Wellness Coaching Services. 

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