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Class #1

Toxin Elimination & Detox

About the Class

Living in Wellness Coaching Services provides step-by-step support with implementing and incorporating Toxin Elimination and Detoxification. Perfect for newcomers wanting to transition onto the GAPS* Protocol and for fully committed individuals & families already on the GAPS* Protocol.

Included features:

  • Gain knowledge about Toxin Reduction & Elimination for Household & Personal Products.

  • Real-time demonstration: Preparing homemade cleaners (Hand Soap & Laundry Detergent).

  • Learn about implementing Gentle Detoxification Protocols.

  • Informational content available to you: Checklists, handouts and recipes for the real-time demonstrations.

  • By the end of the online class, the intent is that… You will feel more clear minded and have straight forward direction on tackling your household & personal products. You’ll feel better prepared for slowly incorporating gentle detoxification into your daily regime. And you’ll feel excited with the gentle introduction to transitioning onto the GAPS* Protocol.

  • The online class will end with instructions on how to prepare your kitchen for the next 5 upcoming cooking classes and you’ll learn what is required to source the required ingredients.


Your Instructor
Tania Macijuk

Certified GAPS* Coach and founder of Living in Wellness Coaching Services. 

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3 Hours

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LIVE Online Classes are held Saturday @ 1PM CST

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