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What is German New Medicine (GNM)? | Living in Wellness

German New Medicine (GNM*) is very complicated and multi-faceted… It incorporates a lot of new-age scientific discoveries and thus contains a lot of advanced information that contradicts Western medical knowledge. So when I’m asked “What is GNM*?”, I often want to go full depth to explain all of it… But if I strip it back to a high-level basic explanation, here is what I tell most people…

This is the GNM* backstory… Essentially, this is how it came to fruition… GNM* was created by a German neurologist named Ryke Geerd Hamer after he discovered he had testicular cancer right after his son died in a tragic accident. Dr. Ryke set out to understand the link between stress, and/or trauma, and the correlating illness that arises once the stress/trauma has ended. From his research here are the discoveries he made:

  • Dr. Ryke found through CT scans of the brain, that everyone experiencing illness will have a mark on their CT scan. And the location of the mark is correlated to the location in the body where the illness is happening. For instance, everyone that has illness in the small intestine will show a mark on the CT brain scan in the “brainstem” in the exact same location. He also found that the type, or configuration, of the mark would tell you whether the stress/trauma is still occurring or has ended.

  • Dr. Ryke determined that illness, or unpleasant health symptoms, in the body come directly after the stress/trauma has ended. This illness, or health symptoms, are the body’s natural way of healing from the original stress/trauma.

  • Dr. Ryke interviewed numerous people with the same illness and from those interviews deducted that the original stress/trauma was of the same nature for all those individuals with the same illness. He then took it one step further and tried to describe what the original stress/trauma was for all these people with the same illness. With this knowledge Dr. Ryke created a repertoire of all this information so that everyone could understand the root cause of their illness.

  • Through Dr. Ryke’s continued research he came up with five (5) scientific “biological laws” to explain the phenomenon of how the body goes through stress/trauma and heals from the stress/trauma. You can find a detailed explanation HERE.

What is German New Medicine (GNM)? | Living in Wellness

So now that you know about all these above-mentioned discoveries, how do these apply to you? Well, if you have illness, or unpleasant health symptoms, your body is healing from stress, or trauma, that happened in your past.

The next question you’re going to ask is “so how does that help me?” … Well if you know the root cause, and why the body is going through a healing phase, we can come up with coping strategies and support mechanisms to assist the body through its natural process.

If you book a GNM* appointment with Living in Wellness Coaching Services, I can teach you how to become your own self-healer by helping you create your own self-care GNM* regime. I can help you:

  • Identify the potential original root cause – the original stress or trauma – that caused the illness, or unpleasant health symptoms, to appear.

  • Identify the current, and unresolved, mental and emotional roadblocks perpetuating the illness, or unpleasant health symptoms, to continue to linger and worsen.

  • Understand the difference between healing symptoms versus ongoing stressful/traumatic symptoms so that you know whether your body is in a healing response compared to experiencing a stressful/traumatic response. If you’re in the healing phase, you can then find relief in knowing that the body is doing exactly what it needs to. This will transform you… Instead of suppressing your unpleasant symptoms, you will be able to embrace them instead and support your body to continue to complete the entire healing process.

  • Employ a variety of mental and emotional coping techniques to overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks that produce unpleasant healing symptoms that continue to linger.

  • Employ physical coping mechanism for dealing with the unpleasant healing symptoms and instead support the body to heal gracefully.

  • Recognize triggers that reinvigorate the original stress, or trauma, and learn how to deal with them.


What is German New Medicine (GNM)? | Living in Wellness

If you are interested in booking a session to start your GNM* self-healing process, email Living in Wellness Coaching Services by clicking on the button below.

You have the power to change your circumstances if you understand the GNM* concepts… You can learn how to create a better future for yourself through proactive self-care!


Other useful GNM* sources of information:

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