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Urban Gardening

Featured GAPS* Gardener

Get to know our Certified GAPS* Coaches & Practitioners that enjoy gardening!

Gardening Bio

Location/Zone: LONDON time GMT

What type of Garden:  No-Dig Biodynamic quarter acre.

Gardening Experience: Was a Demeter certified Biodynamic grower 3 years and grew for a veg box scheme for 10 years

in Community Supported Agriculture.

What do you like to grow: I like easy, no fuss, perrenials like japanese onions, herb bushes, and quick and easy stuff like Rocket, lettuce also love tomatos, cucumber, winter squash, peas, beans.

Favorite item to grow: I probably get most excided about my cucumbers.

Least favorite item to grow: Potatoes

Recommended item to grow for beginners: French bush beans,  rocket, winter squash.

Links to other gardening information: I recommend Charles Dowding for no-dig advice.

I am primarily a GAPS coach who gardens.  I have unbridled enthusiasm for talkng all things gut all day

every day and frequently bore my friends on the subject.  I will relax about it when it becomes the NORM

to eat pasture raised meats and dairy and eggs that are free from GMO and SOY.  the future of our species

depends on it.  We are at a critical time and it’s life and death we’re talking about here, but i do like to keep

laughing and raise a smile.  Next to food, laughter is the best medicine.

I created the GAPS app to make it ridiculusly easy for people to learn how to cook GAPS foods and

how to work with GAPS principals, although I do work with other modalities in my support group for my

very affordable monthly subscription.

Vegetables were my passion for over 10 years, and they are wonderful for cleansing the system,

but we would be in big trouble without meat, eggs and dairy.  We could get away with no veg,

but never manage without the animal products.

I cover plant toxins on the GAPS app which some people have problems with especially if they

have been vegetarian or vegan for a long time.

Garden Photos

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