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7-Week Guided Assistance

About the Course

For individuals wanting to transition onto the GAPS* Protocol, the 6-week online course transitions you gradually step-by-step onto the Full GAPS* meal plan. You’ll learn how to incorporate the fundamentals of the GAPS* Protocol into your daily regime and build your repertoire of skills to feel confident to thrive on Full GAPS*. From here, you’ll have the ability to progress into any one of the other GAPS* meal plans (Intro GAPS*, No-Plant GAPS*, etc.) if you choose to do so.

Included features:

  • Six (6) live Online Classes conducted weekly on Saturday’s at 1PM CST. Four (4) out of the six (6) weeks are designated strictly as cooking classes. All online classes will be recorded and you will have access to view them shortly after the date they occurred.

  • Valuable information and resources in the form of checklists, recipes, handouts and real-time demonstrations. Plus Tips & Tricks to save time and save money!

  • Guidance in navigating the five most important areas of the GAPS* Protocol (read more about these areas in What is the GAPS* Protocol?)

Weekly breakdown:

  • Week #1 - Class #1 

  • Week #2 - Class #2

  • Week #3 - Class #3

  • Week #4 - Class #4

  • Week #5 - Class #5

  • Week #6 - Class #6

Your Instructor
Tania Macijuk

Certified GAPS* Coach and founder of Living in Wellness Coaching Services.

LIVE Online with the Instructor

7-Week Guided Assistance




Access to online content

LIVE Online Classes are held Saturday @ 1PM CST

Self-Paced Online Learning

Seven (7) Online Classes


$                per year

Access to online content


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