Constipation for Children

Mar 12, 2022


Constipation can be unpleasant and is not an ideal situation. If toxic fecal matter remains in the intestines for long periods of time, it can make your child feel even more sick. We need to address constipation in order to evacuate the toxins and help the body to detoxify more easily.

Here is a list of suggestions to potentially alleviate the symptoms of Constipation during the early stages of transitioning your child/children onto GAPS*. The list is not all-encompassing, nor is it intended to be a guaranteed solution to the issue at hand. You can choose which suggestions you may want to try, or talk with a Certified GAPS* Practitioner, or your Medical Doctor, to see what suggestions are better suited for what your child is currently experiencing.

The list has been tailored to show the suggestions that are most applicable to the first 21 days. Other suggestions are available for persistent constipation beyond this initial transition period. Please note that you may need to implement a combination of several suggestions before you see results. Constipation can be very tricky to remedy and it is very bio-individual how the body reacts to the noted suggestions. You may need to experiment to find the right mixture of remedies that work in unison to alleviate the situation.

For further reading refer to the blue GAPS* book (pages 374-377) by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

Detoxification Suggestions:

#1 Suggestion: Perform a Cleansing Enema. Refer to Dr. Natasha’s yellow GAPS* book p.326-329 in the revised edition. Further support can be provided by scheduling a follow-up consultation to help you feel confident with performing an enema.

Topical Suggestions

• Massage castor oil onto the abdomen in a clockwise rotation and then apply a hot water bottle to the area. You may want to drape some cloth between the heating pad and your abdomen so that the castor oil doesn’t get onto the hot water bottle. Other cold-pressed oils can also be attempted: olive, coconut, avocado, hemp or a mixture of oils.

Food Suggestions:

(the asterix * denotes a die-off food)

• Drink water throughout the day to lubricate the bowels.

• If tolerated add more vegetables and greens to each meal.

• Eat lots of animal fat to lubricate the bowels. However, if nausea ensues then eat whatever can be tolerated.

• Reduce your consumption of muscle meats and consume more gelatinous meat in conjunction with the skin and connective tissue.

• Consume *fermented liquid from fermenting vegetables.

• Consume high-fat dairy to lubricate the bowels (see Table below). However, some children may still continue to experience constipation even when consuming high-fat dairy.

Long-term Suggestions

• The GAPS* Nutritional Protocol will help with rebalancing the gut flora and help to restore the body’s natural ability to detoxify, two of the common issues linked to constipation. Continue to progress your child/children through the Intro Stages and monitor the constipation. If the issue persists for an extended period of time, further suggestions can be provided in another consultation to hopefully address the issue.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage on Dr. Natasha’s website has a lot of valuable information. This FAQ webpage is updated regularly and will answer many questions for you. Here are some screenshots as it pertains to the topic under discussion.