Bed Wetting for Children

May 2, 2022


The body naturally eliminates toxins through the urine. When there is an excess of toxins that buildup in the urinary tract, and/or the toxins are allowed to agitate the urinary lining, the body suddenly discharges the toxic fluid to prevent it from further damaging the urinary tract. Unfortunately, this can happen involuntarily when your child/children are asleep. Although this may feel daunting to deal with at the time it happens, this is a good sign that their body is getting stronger at dealing with and eliminate the toxins!

If Bedwetting is occurring on a continual basis, here is a list of suggestions to potentially alleviate symptoms. The list is not an all-encompassing list, nor is it intended to be a guaranteed solution to the issue at hand. You can choose which suggestions you may want to try, or talk with a Certified GAPS* Practitioner, or your Medical Doctor, to see what suggestions are better suited for what your child is currently experiencing.

Immediate Food Related Suggestions:

• Avoid foods high in salicylates. Examples from Stage 1-2 include: artichokes, broccoli, radish, spinach, squash and zucchini. (Click HERE for more info on salicylates)

• Avoid foods high in oxalates. Examples from Stage 1-2 include: spinach, beet greens, swiss chard, and green leafy vegetables. (Click HERE for more info on oxalates)

• Try consuming some chamomile tea. In Becky Plotner’s book ‘GAPS* Stage by Stage with Recipes’ she indicates that “Chamomile is credited with pulling pathogens out through the urine” (p.95 within the Stage 1 chapter).

• Drink lots of water during the day to flush out the toxins, but limit fluids 2 hours before bed. Make sure to insist your child goes to the bathroom right before hoping into bed.

• Reduce the amount of fermented foods in your daily regime, such as sauerkraut or sauerkraut juice, until the symptoms reside.

Detoxification Suggestions:

• Try to go slower with the die-off foods or probiotics to reduce the rush of toxins.

• Try to reduce the amount of sunbathing, or time in the sauna, as increased amounts may cause a rush of toxins to exit the body.

• If tolerated, increase the frequency of gentle detox baths.

Alternative Suggestions:

• Apply a sheet protector over the mattress and have extra sheets on reserve.

• Set an alarm clock to wake you up intermittently during the night to escort your child/children to the bathroom.

Long-term GAPS* Protocol Suggestions:

• Consume meat stock

• Consume gelatinous meat, in conjunction with the skin, joint/cartilage, connective tissue, etc.

• Consume organ meats and marrow from marrow bones.

• Consume animal fat (ghee, butter and cultured butter, tallow, lard, etc.)

• Consume raw egg yolks

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage on Dr. Natasha’s website has a lot of valuable information. This FAQ webpage is updated regularly and will answer many questions for you. Here are some screenshots as it pertains to the topic under discussion.

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